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PCI manufactures custom cables for specific applications and industries based on design, print, and end-use requirements. Our skilled engineers can transform customer supplied drawings, along with a bill of materials into any custom cable and wire harness assembly needed for your special project or use case. Our custom harnesses and assemblies are subject to rigorous testing and quality assurance processes , ensuring your assemblies are built to IPC/WHMA-A-620 standards.

PCI makes it fast, easy, and cost-effective to get the exact cable or wire harness assembly you need in the event that you don’t have a specific part number or drawing available. As long as you have an assembly you can provide us, we can reverse engineer at no cost to a workable first article.

From heat shrink markings to label wraps, PCI provides Brady™ labels for many types of custom labeling solutions to help increase the utility of your cable and wire harness assemblies. Custom labeling can include serialization, date codes, and any other traceability or regulatory requirements. Our cable labeling services are performed with great care utilizing specialized equipment and processes to ensure accurate results, every time.

Every assembly we manufacture is 100% inspected and tested to ensure quality, performance, durability, and reliability to meet IPC. Our rigorous QA process gives our clients outstanding confidence and peace of mind, and has helped PCI earn our reputation as one of the most trusted cable and wire harness manufacturers in North America.

Wherever you need assemblies, PCI delivers. PCI delivers anywhere in the world without any added logistics hassles or headaches. This is another way PCI makes cable and wire harness sourcing as easy as possible.


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